Buffalo City Ballet Building Foundation Funds

Funds rasied As of Date 5/30/2019
Goal is to raise $200,000.00 over the next three years. Your help is greatly needed to assure the school is in the driver seat and able to control its destiny for the future. The purpose to expand the growth of the training program to do more outreach in the community, such as public performances during the summer time in parks and recreational sites as recuitement tools for increasing young youth participation in the dance community.

The Foundation responsibility is to a develop dedicated funding towards a building campaign to ensure the institution, the dance training school and dance programs into the future.  Second goal is to provide fiscal stability for the training program.  Buffalo City Ballet to secure emergency funding for the unknown; in the case of loss of funding in the area of government and public funding which often occurs.   

Donations :

Prima Sponsor                      $10,000.00



Benefactor                             $5,000.00



Prima Ballerina                     $1,000.00



Solo                                         $500.00



Corps De Ballet                     $100.00

Donation above a $1,000 Please make check to Buffalo City Ballet Building Foundation Funds, 313 Leroy St. Buffalo, NY 14214.  Donation $1,000 and below just hit the donation button below to charge to your Visa / Master Card or Paypal
Floor Plans for New Dance Facility:
Main Studio 40' x 40' perfect square, dancing in a studio with no steal beams in the middle of the dance floor. 
Secondary Studio 30' x 30'
Office Space
Male & Female dressing rooms with Toliets & Showers
Dancers Theorpy Room for injuries & on site massages
Costumes Storage Space with loading Dock.
Dance Boutique

Contributors of Building Funds:

Jill Squitieri                            $1,000.00 (West Seneca Ballet)

Maris Battaglia                      $500.00 American Academy of Ballet

Melanie Lopez                      $500.00 * Former Student

Daelyn Ruffin                        $200.00 * Former Student

Judy Gerich                            $200.00

Alyssa Whiteside                  $100.00

Angela R. Hannah                $100.00 * Life time registration

Takeema A. Burton              $100.00 * Life time registration

Susan Pace White                $100.00 (City Youth Ballet /Johnson City Tenn)

Sue Mall                                $100.00 (Performing Arts Academy/ Hamburg,NY)

Megan Evans Rakeepile     $100.00 * Former Student

Ann Beckley Forest             $100.00

Martha McClusky                $100.00

Leanne Rinelli                      $50.00 * Former Student

Rose Marie Mango              $50.00 * Former Student

Elizabeth Brem                    $50.00 * Former Student

Emily Blum                           $50.00 * Former Student

Hannah Blum                       $50.00 * Former Student

Rashida Haynes                   $50.00 * Former Student

Rachel Gruber                      $50.00 * Former Student

Maria Proulx                         $50.00

Nakita Mone'                        $50.00

Kelly Maurer                         $50.00

Mr & Mr. Donald McMahon$40.00

Gerard Holt                           $20.00

Jessica Moore                       $20.00

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