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Arabesque Cafe'

Buffalo City Ballet created the Arabesque Café a safe environment for parents to wait while their kids are in daily ballet class.  The Café provide free internet wifi.  All funds from the Café' goes toward to offset cost of programming and yearly cost of costumes.

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In the Box Theater

In The Box Theater is a tiny 16' by 16' stage created to provide dance students more opportunity to perform through-out the year.  Most successful dance school has a dance theater/stage provided to students to build their dance skills through out the year.  We created this as a measure to provide additional means to develop our students and patrons of the school.  It is a small and intimate place to perform within the building.  The Theater will be rented out to small dance troops or individuals looking to perform solo works.

IMG_9283 (1).JPG
Parents and Students waiting area. 
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