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Welcome to the Buffalo City Ballet

The Buffalo City Ballet offers a complete program for the young dancers.


The finest training in classical ballet.  Offering Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Pointe works for young girls, Tiny Tots prep class and boys Ballet.  This is not a hip hop or recital based dance program.  Buffalo City Ballet is designed training program for young dancers who is serious about obtaining a dance carreer or entering a professional dance college.

Office hours between 10:00 am & 4:00 pm 

" as if
everyone is watching"

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Address Checks or Money Order to:

Buffalo Inner City Ballet

307 Leroy Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14214.

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Privacy Statement:To our patrons, Buffalo City Ballet will not share your information with third party groups, organization or companies.

scholarship funds 

Margaret L. Wendt Foundation
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The Frank G. Raichle Foundation

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